Raising money for your local hospital

Success Stories

Thanks to many generous contributions, and they come in so many forms, we've been able to purchase a vast array of equipment which is making a difference to peoples lives on a daily basis. Thanks to everyone who supports us, we couldn't do it without you.

Hoist up the Mayor

The Mayor, Cllr. John Beckett and Mayoress Alison Becket attended Epsom General Hospital to visit the Neuro Physiotherapy and Occupational Team and present a £4,310 hoist on behalf of Epsom Medical Equipment Fund and the community.  This hoist will replace the one purchased 14 years ago by Epsom Medical Equipment Fund which has reached the end of its life.   The Neuro Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Team team play a vital role in the rehabilitation and recovery of stroke and head injury patients at Epsom General  Hospital.

Local schools and choirs raise a whopping £3,386.82 carol singing in the Ashley Centre

In the lead up to Christmas local schools, Ewell Grove, Riverview, Danetree, Stamford Green, West Ewell, Wallace Fields, St. Clements, St. Christophers, Shawley Community, St. Joseph’s, St. Martins and The Downsmen and Ewell Choral Society came to the Ashley Shopping Centre to sing a varied programme of carols.  Our own EMEF choir sang at Sainsbury’s Kiln Lane greeting shoppers as they entered the store.  We are indebted to the Management of the Ashley Shopping Centre and Sainsbury’s for allowing us to visit.  The carol singing raised a fantastic total of £3,386.82 which has given our fund a terrific boost. 

County Councillor, Tina Mountain Visits Vascular Unit at Epsom General Hospital to see £55,000 machine

Vascular Scientist Amanda Clark was delighted to show and explain to County Councillor Tina Mountain the latest in technology in the form of a vascular/stroke scanner for which Tina had contributed £2,000 to from her County Councillor’s Allocation.  This state-of-the-art ultrasound machine  is used to support the hospital’s existing stroke, DVT and aneurysm surveillance services, as well as GP and inpatient referrals and patients arriving at A&E with vascular-related symptoms. Many patients are benefiting as a result of this machine.  Amanda expressed her grateful thanks to Tina Mountain for her support.

Scott Gridley completes the Prudential Ride 100 

Scott Gridley from Kingston Road, Ewell, participated in the Prudential Ride 100 on Sunday 30th July to raise money for Epsom Medical Equipment Fund.  His aim to raise £250 to go towards the purchase of lung equipment for Epsom General Hospital.

Scott started his ride at 7:15 a.m. and after approximately 8 hours of riding he did say he felt like he hadhit a wall three quarters of the way around but it was why he was doing it and what it was for that spurred him on and kept him going.  He rode the 100 miles and completed the course receiving a medal.  He has raised nearly £450 surpassing the target of £250 he had set himself.  Well done Scott - we are all immensely proud of you.

£1,000’s Just Grand from The Epsom Club

Big hearted members of the Epsom Club have been filling the charity collection boxes on the bar for a year – and when Epsom Medical Equipment Fund organiser Bess Harding was invited to see the result, she was “absolutely delighted”. Over a buffet supper with members and presentation by Bess, the club’s finance manager Ray Welsh handed over a cheque for £1,002.89. Raffles and other fund raising events helped boost the figure. “It was a pleasure to help Bess’s valuable work to go on,” said Ray. Bess added:”It is a wonderful result and so kind of people.

Christmas comes early as Epsom Hospital receives £55,000 ultrasound machine

It was obvious to all how pleased and excited Vascular Scientist, Amanda Clark was when presented with the Vascular and Stroke Ultrasound Scanner which will play a vital role in helping to diagnose complex medical problems such as strokes and vascular saving many lives by detecting these unforeseen problems.  A delighted  Amanda Clark thanked everyone who contributed and said how much more was able to be investigated in the vascular field with this scanner. Raising this amount of money is no easy task. Thanks go to everybody who contributed. Special thanks go to private donor Michael O, Walton-on-the-Hill Pageant, Dorking Deepdene Rotary Club, Residents of Mospey Crescent, former SCC Stella Lallement, SCC Councillor, Tina Mountain. for their generous support.”

Lion “Roary”-ing with Earache Pain

Mike Hallam, 2015/6 Leatherhead Lions President took Roary (aka Peter Addison) the Lion with him along with Jim Malynn his Lion Tamer to jointly present with Epsom Medical Equipment Fund a £6,000 ENT Microscope to Peter Robb, Consultant ENT Surgeon.  Faced with a roaring lion,  Peter took the opportunity to try the new microscope out to find out what the trouble was – the lion’s ear was blocked with wax.   With Peter’s calming influence and knowledge the problem was soon resolved.  The generosity of Leatherhead Lions Club in presenting a cheque for £3,500 collected through their Leatherhead Christmas collection made this microscope possible.   This new microscope will increase the throughput of patients who need this investigation at Epsom General Hospital.  Peter Robb expressed his grateful thanks to the Leatherhead Lions for helping make this possible.

Dorking Deepdene Rotarians Surprise President and Guest

Jon Weller,  President, Dorking Deepdene Rotary Club,  invited EMEF Fund Co-ordinator, Bess Harding, MBE to attend the Dorking Deepdene Rotary Club Meeting.  At the end of the Meeting Jon presented Bess with a cheque not knowing until that moment that fellow Rotarians had dug deep into their pockets to raise the amount to £500.   Both were rendered speechless for a moment by this generous donation, Bess told those present it would go towards the purchase of ultrasound scanning equipment for Epsom General Hospital which would play a vital role in stroke and vascular problems.

Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones!  A generous donation from a benefactor Mr. M of over £2,100 to EMEF enabled The South West London Elective Orthopaedic Centre (SWLEOC), based at Epsom Hospital, to take delivery of eight new models that will be used for research into osteoporosis (a condition which makes bones brittle and fragile) and to help explain different conditions and surgical procedures to patients.

The Fund purchased models of a number of key joints and body parts, including: knee, foot, ankle, hand, fingers, elbow joints and the lower back (lumbar spine) and a model that shows how osteoporosis can affect bones.  Bess Harding presented these to Sarah Langfield, Nurse Consultant SWLEOC who said “We are hoping to set up some new Nurse Consultant clinics for osteoporosis, as well as undertaking further research.” Sarah expressed her thanks to Mr. M. for his generosity.

A Nip in the Air!  EMEF and The Leatherhead Lions Club joined together to purchase a welcome gift for the respiratory department at Epsom General Hospital this winter, 2 Nippy Cough Assist Machines  (£7,500)

Father Christmas, aka Tony Hudson, made the presentation on their behalf to Dr. Jonathan Ratoff, Respiratory Consultant at EGH.   The NIPPY Clearway machines will prove a particularly welcome addition during the winter months, which usually see an increase in the number of people attending hospital suffering from breathing difficulties.   Leatherhead Lions Club raised the money through a series of successful summer events.  Also present is Bess Harding, Mike Hallam, Lions President; Ali Howells, Senior Physio & Katie Kyritsis, In patient Physiotherapist

Cath Lyden,  Programme Manager from The Challenge presenting Sister Lorna Belen with a £1,500 Dynamap for the Daycase Unit at Epsom General Hospital.

Young people participating in the National Citizen Services (NCS) programme partnered with Epsom Medical Equipment Fund to raise money towards the purchase of a £1,500 vital signs monitor for the new enlarged Day Case Unit at Epsom Hospital.  The new Dinamap monitor will be used for general observations, i.e. checking heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels. The new monitor is a very welcome addition, and will be of immense benefit to patients who need continuous monitoring following their surgery.

Leatherhead Lion, Rory, roars into Day Case Unit, EGH with £3,500 donation for bladder scanner

Jim Malynn, former President of Leatherhead Lions Club together with Tony Hudson and President Mike Hallam dropped into the Day Case Unit at EGH to present Sister, Lorna Belen with a £7,600 Verathon Portable 3D Ultrasound Bladder Scanner which allows clinicians to quickly and accurately measure a patient’s bladder volume aiding the diagnosis and evaluation of common urological conditions.  It can assess urinary retention in adult patients to help prevent unnecessary catheterization and reduce rates of catheter-associated urinary tract infection.

Donations in memory of Edward W. G. Thomas  and Heinz Schmidtke buys two Molifts​ for Stroke Unit and Medical Wards at EGH - proud families with Molifts and Therapies Team

The £840 Molift  looks like an upright porters trolley but this unique piece of equipment called a Molift Raiser will serve a very useful purpose for physiotherapists and patients alike on the medical and stroke wards at Epsom General Hospital.  This equipment enables patients to stand up at an earlier stage in their rehab and reduces the large gap between an electric hoist and walking equipment.

HRH Princess Alexandra opens new Urology Unit

HRH Princess Alexandra met Bess and Brian Harding when she visited Epsom General Hospital to open the New Urology Unit.  It is one of the biggest of its kind in the south east of England, and with experts across the field of urology specialties working so closely together, Epsom are able to offer patients a superb level of care in an efficient and welcoming atmosphere.  EMEF purchased a urodynamic machine for bladder problems and a bariatric couch.

Surprise Surprise

We invited two children from each school who sing for us at the Ashley Centre, adult choirs who support us and centre management, Dave Barrow and Sonia Pereira-Polido to Epsom General Hospital for the surprise presentation of the £27,000 SonoSite Fujifilm Edge Ultrasound machine to the unsuspecting consultant Dr Radhika Viswanatha.

The portable ultrasound system, which will allow experts to undertake high quality scans of patients at their bedside, was presented to the Consultant Gynaecologist in front of the talented crowd of young singers and other VIP's. 
Dr Ruth Charlton, Joint Medical Director and Deputy Chief Executive of EGH said: “It was an absolute pleasure to be at the special presentation this afternoon. I would like to thank every person who was involved in the fundraising events run by the Epsom Medical Equipment Fund – we are very grateful to them for this donation, and would like to thank them once again for their generosity.”

Space Age Machine at Epsom for Bladder Problems

Epsom Medical Equipment Fund has been instrumental in equipping the new urology unit at Epsom with the latest in hi-tech equipment. Urodynamics are tests of bladder function, assisting the medical team to understand the cause of someone’s bladder problems, and to plan their care. The new equipment will be used five days a week. As a large part of the cost of this £21,000 machine was with money raised at EMEF’s Charity Car Boot Sales, Stephen Hardie-East, Managing Director of Autotest, Ewell presented this latest in hi-technology machine on behalf of EMEF. Autotest have been a supporter for many years of the Fund’s Charity Car Boot Sales.

Epsom Rotaract British Quiz Night helps buy Bariatric Couch for Urodynamic Unit at Epsom General Hospital

Epsom Rotaract 2014 President, John Bishop was present to see all their hard efforts rewarded when a £1,428 Bariatric Couch was handed over to the Urology Diagnostic Unit at Epsom General Hospital. This has allowed individuals to be treated whose weight would have excluded them from investigations in the past. It has proved to be more comfortable than a standard couch for all users, enabling a better service to be provided to those who need assistance to move. Electronically controlled by a foot peddle, the nurse or doctor undertaking the procedure can alter the patients position in the middle of an investigation.

Team Wheatsheaf and supporters help save babies lives with presentation of £4,000 heart probe to Epsom General Hospital.

Consultant Paediatrician, Adam Carter, said "this new ultrasound probe will be used to acquire detailed pictures of a newborn baby's heart. The probe emits ultrasound waves that are able to penetrate the body reflecting from the underlying tissues to build up a moving picture of the heart".

The new ultrasound probe is specially designed to be used on the very smallest newborn and premature babies. At this age their tiny hearts are  barely larger than a baby's clenched fist and the new ultrasound probe emits much higher frequency ultrasound waves than is possible with a probe normally used on older children and adults. The new probe helps to extend the age range of children who are now able to have their hearts scanned at at Epsom down to the most premature infant up to teenagers.

Party in the Pub at The Wheatsheaf, Ewell raises £4,000 for baby heart probe at Epsom General Hospital

The Wheatsheaf Ewell Party in the Pub was a huge success. With threats all morning for very stormy weather, the day turned out sunny attracting regulars, local residents and some from further afield to arrive at The Wheatsheaf from midday onwards. Afternoon entertainment was provided by three local acts: Everwhile, Josh Bolt and Nikki Aston. Children were entertained by a bouncy castle and face painting. Mouth watering cakes tempted people, as did the barbecue which helped raise money. Evening entertainment was Karaoke to dance and sing along to. Lee, Demi, Wendy, Gary, Kim and Darren were all kept busy. With a raffle and prizes supplied by local shops, businesses and people to be won plus a nice donation from Premium Credit and tremendous support from those attending, £4,000 was raised by The Wheatsheaf.

The Lion’s Share. Leatherhead Lions contribute to a £7,000 Dental Vistascan mini image plate scanner for Radiology Department, EGH

Leatherhead Lion’s President, Jim Malynn helped by Roary their Mascot and Chris Barker, Community Services Chairman presented a £7,000 Dental Vistascan mini image plate scanner to Dr. Andrew Gregory, Chairman of Epsom Medical Equipment Fund for use in the Radiology Department at Epsom General Hospital. Catherine Pearce, Superintendent Radiolographer, explained that the Vistascan image plates and scanner are used in dental radiography for Occlusal and intra-oral radiographs. This machine makes dental diagnostics even faster producing high quality images for early detection of dental problems, and is more comfortable for patients.

John Bishop 2013/2014 President of Epsom Rotaract was born in Epsom Hospital. He wasn’t breathing when he was born and a nurse saved his life by giving him the kiss of life. John wanted to raise money for Epsom Medical Equipment Fund as a way of giving back to the hospital. Senior Sister, Jane McCourt, Ebbisham Ward said “it is incredibly hard to monitor BP’s in very small babies and they need to have this piece of equipment because it is very sensitive and therefore able to pick up the very minute changes in these babies blood vessels. Babies obviously do not lie still when having these investigations done, but this monitor can still function even when baby is moving.”

ExxonMobil give boost to women’s health at Epsom General Hospital Patients at Epsom General Hospital are now benefitting from access to state of the art ultrasound technology thanks to a donation from ExxonMobil. The £6,000 piece of equipment, technically known as a Transducer, offers women the clearest diagnosis for a whole range of clinical problems, including ovarian cancer which is difficult to diagnose. The Transducer ‘is essential to helping in the early detection of ovarian cancer as well as cancer of the lining of the uterus; can assist in the detection of cysts or fibroids; pregnancy where fertility treatment is necessary, monitoring cycles and checking the effectiveness of medication administered; checking the status of a very early pregnancy.’ Dr Julian Eyears, Occupational Health Physician at ExxonMobil said of the donation: “This new ultrasonic addition is benefiting the hospital already and making such a difference to the lives of local patients. We are very pleased to be supporting the community in this way.”

ExxonMobil donate £1,200 to help calm babies being examined.

Dr Julian Eyears, Occupational Health Physician at ExxonMobil presented the calming bubble tube along with a special effects undersea projector to the Paediatric Outpatients at Epsom General Hospital. The calming bubble which changes colour and the undersea special effects projector capture the attention of babies and young children which enables the Consultant to carry out investigations and examinations without the necessity to sedate them.

Epsom Rotaract donate £2,330.07 to Epsom Medical Equipment Fund.

Epsom Rotaract held a British-themed cheque presentation in Epsom with Bess Harding MBE from Epsom Medical Equipment Fund. The Epsom Rotaract's very successful Great British Quiz and other fundraising activities in 2013/14 raised £2,330.07 for EMEF!" President of Rotaract 2013/2014, John Bishop made the presentation which will go towards the purchase of medical equipment for Epsom General Hospital.